Westheimer Road Renovation

Client Architect Project Size Details
VCC/City of Houston Walter P. Moore Over 1/2 mile xy
To serve the new River Oaks District and the popular Highland Village area, reconstruction of Westheimer Road and West Creek Road was a must. Joslin Construction started by demolishing 1/3 of Westheimer and 1/2 West Creek roadway paving and the existing storm sewer systems. We then installed and upsized the storm sewer to 5x4 and 6x4 culverts, then brought it back to grade for the new concrete pavement. Westheimer Road saw 1,900 feet of reconstruction and West Creek saw 1,000 feet. With 90% of our work done at night, we are happy to say that we are finished with our portion of the work as of Q1 2015. The entire project is expected to be complete by July 2015.